We Root to Rise


In our daily lives, we Root to Rise when we acknowledge, embrace, and stand in our truth.  THIS gives us the foundation to do ALL things. 

I am here to help you strengthen your roots, so you navigate life's daily challenge with ease instead of angst.

In this space of clarity, our work is learning to be present- in the joyful moments, in the moments of grief or pain, in the moments of stretching far beyond where we are comfortable, in the moments of questioning. 

Cultivating the ability to keep our feet on the ground so we can rise, thrive ,and flourish is where we begin.

As a yogi for over 20 years, the concept of rooting down to rise up resonates deeply with me.  It is acknowledging that there is a place to return to that allows us to refocus our efforts and energy. 

It is acknowledging that in this place wisdom, strength ,and peace thrive. 

It is acknowledging that limitations are self-imposed which means it is also the place of liberation. 

It is acknowledging that this is the place where apathy meets engagement, wounds meet healing, isolation meets community, and the self in conflict is introduced to the graceful self.

In the unsteady and challenging moments, we return to ourselves and to our life's breath as the source of calm, balance, and renewal of our commitment.  

In fact, the magic and power of transformation are in the small adjustments and shifts.