Let's start with honesty

The demands of school life are endless- regardless of your role within the institution.   It is often a thankless job and many students will not realize the impact you have had on their lives until later in life. 

Working in schools is meaningful and inspiring. It is also exhausting with countless hours invested outside of the academic day. Responsibilities are regularly added to our plates and 'other duties as assigned' can be tough to swallow.  

The familiar questions. Is it time to shift the conversation?

Can we bridge the divide between administration and faculty?

How will I sustain my energy this year? 

Will I skillfully navigate the emergent issues and crises that show up unannounced?

Can I be more present?

Will the changes we've made have an impact on morale and engagement?

A new voice

Bringing over 20 years of experience and insight, I can help your school change directions. 

It begins with courageous action to engage in this conversation- moving it from conversations at meals and in between classes to a community-wide dialogue about the culture and the unspoken core values that support exhaustion, burnout and running ourselves ragged. 

I've worn MANY hats during my time in schools including tutor, volleyball coach, classroom instructor, resident dean, club advisor, counselor, advisor, committee chair, administrator on duty, Dean of Community Life and Dean of Students.  

Working in schools in any capacity can be overwhelming, but you don't have to live in a state of overwhelm day after day, week after week until you are living for Fridays and holiday breaks.  I can show you the way out!

Those who transform us

Reflect for a moment on your educational experience and the teachers, coaches, and mentors in your life who: 

  • created an environment for you to learn, to be inquisitive, to dig for answers, to express yourself
  • saw something in you that you did not yet see in yourself
  • created a soft place for you to land when you struggled, failed, or wanted to give up
  • nurtured your curiosity, told you the truth, and refused to accept your excuses. 

In my life, these people include Mrs. Oestrich, Mr. Spreeman, Mr. Graupner, Madame Larson, Mrs. Aubineau, , Mr. Ramburg, Mr. Diallo, Mr. Sawadogo, and countless others. 

In the moments when these incredible educators were in front of me, did I realize they were transforming me from the inside, out? 

I did not. 

What I know is this:  the greatest privilege of my life was to be invited into the lives of my students and colleagues. 


How it happened

Out of necessity came a joyful, fulfilling career spanning more than 20 years in schools.  I would love to say that I was called to work in schools from an early age.  Truth be told, I needed to be in close proximity to my graduate school so that I would finish my thesis.   

This internal knowing of what I needed and actually listening to it, introduced me to the transformational power of being the champion for another person; the necessity of acknowledging the humanity in each of us; the importance of creating space to accommodate all manners of frailty; and informed the philosophy of my personal and professional life. 


The Opportunity in Front of You

I have walked the halls of academic buildings, residence halls, 

performance venues and athletic centers, sat around the administrative table, lead from the Dean's office and served many different types of institutions.  There were countless nights and weekends on duty, 

some were smooth sailing, others not so much. 

I understand, first- hand the challenges schools face  each year with time, communication, morale,  engagement, and turnover.  I also know on a deep level that not everyone can work in schools.  The investment of self, the commitment to service, embracing 'other duties as assigned' is matched with the triumphant moments watching learning sink in, the community rallying to support one another, records are broken, and goals surpassed.


Here are some ways I can serve your school community.

Keynotes: Is it time to reframe PD?  Having been on the inside of school life, I bring a unique perspective about where schools get in their own way and how to shift the dynamics across campus.

Leadership team workshops:  Identify the blindspots that are influencing engagement, morale and retention. Transform these growth areas into strengths and watch what happens across your campus.

Faculty & Staff workshops:  Strategize how to sustain our energy so that we can confidently be in best service to students, parents and colleagues and reduce burnout. 

Student community:  Are your all-school or assemblies predictable? Bring real topics to these crucial times to gather and grow your community.  Let's talk about finding our voice with peers, how we sabotage our efforts, why asking for support, help and intervention from adults is courageous, and so much more!

Learn More

If you are ready to strengthen your school community, expand your leadership capacity,  support faculty and staff in a powerful way,  or increase the impact you can have on your students without sacrificing yourself, let's talk.