My Path to Coaching


I spent the first 21 years of my professional life in education (higher education and independent schools in Vermont, California, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Virginia). It was while writing my thesis and working in higher education that, unbeknownst to me, my path to coaching began. I learned that for transformation to take root, you must meet a person where they are. It became clear to me that we all need a champion- someone to believe in us until we believe in ourselves. Someone who holds a higher vision for us and calls us to that place of thriving, to that place of truly living. 

When we are fortunate enough to have 

this guidance, our lives change. 

Perspectives broaden. 

Dreams become reality. 

We become a force in our lives and impact everyone around us. 

 This philosophy and approach served me well in the residence halls, on the court, in the Dean's Office, and across campus. It was the catalyst for creating Root to Rise Coaching and inspired me to begin my next chapter.

My own journey of embracing who I am and living healthfully gives me insight into some of the challenges life has to offer. It took me until my early  30's to feel comfortable in my own skin and confident in my abilities. On the outside, it looked as though I had everything together. On the inside, it was an entirely different story complete with self-doubt and comparisons to others. My life was out of balance and WAY out of alignment. I consistently put the needs and wants of others before my own.  What I couldn't see or recognize was that I needed to take as good of care of myself as I was of others. Once that happened,  I had boundless energy,  deeper compassion, greater empathy, and more love to extend to friends, family, students, and colleagues. 

I am a lifelong learner, curious human, avid reader, yogi and someone who thrives on seeing what each new day brings.  I am adventurous in the kitchen, seek opportunities to explore the world around me, deeply dedicated to community and to working in partnership with those who are courageous enough to navigate their inner landscape. 

We all need places where we feel held, seen and guided. 

Haven’t we already had enough advice? 

There is magic and deep remembering underneath the layers of distraction.

That’s my work as your coach and guide.

As your coach, I will:  

  • create space for you to explore your vulnerability 
  • celebrate the actions you take and honor the challenges in your life that make you uniquely you
  • be a stand for your transformation 
  • be your champion as you courageously create your best life

As a certified holistic health and life coach and compassionate 

human who is journeying through this one

 incredible life we have, I believe: 

  • time invested in ourselves is priceless- when we care for ourselves, we are better equipped to care for others
  • it takes tremendous strength and courage to reach out
  • through connection, we inspire one another to step beyond what we know and where we're comfortable into the places where we achieve things we never thought possible
  • when we are in community, we are stronger and more resilient
  • partnerships transform lives: honesty, support, accountability, meeting you where you are at and moving forward together is where transformation happens
  • to live our best life requires learning to nourish the self and listen to what we need
  • we are all works in progress. 

My name is Nicole and it would be an honor to be your 

coach, guide, and champion.

What People Are Saying


"If you are looking for run-of-the-mill coaching programs, Root to Rise Coaching is not for you. Nicole's services are far from ordinary and cookie-cutter. She mindfully- and creatively-tailors her services to ensure that each client's needs are attended to and integral to the respective coaching services she develops and provides. Nicole is empathetic and focused; organized and prepared; creative and resourceful; warm and fun.  Moreover, her coaching work with me adeptly balanced support with challenge and consistently came from a place of genuine respect.  In my work with Root to Rise Coaching in 2019, I found Nicole's professional coaching services to be outstanding and I wholeheartedly recommend them."

- Steve, Hawaii

"As I woman with disabilities, Nicole has given me the tools and strategies to “take what life has dealt me” and guided me into optimizing my potential and seeing new ways of doing things. Often, when looking for ways to better our lives, we want a life coach or even a psychologist to take a magic wand and make our problems, issues, etc., disappear without doing the necessary inner work to make it happen. If that is what you are looking for, Root to Rise Coaching is not for you, and you will be severely disappointed. But on the other end of the spectrum, I truly appreciate Nicole’s guidance in making my life, as is, be seen and experienced more positively through different lenses.  So thankful!" 

- Angela, Virginia

"In working with Nicole the most significant overall change in my life is more confidence in myself and letting go of the guilt for investing time in ME!! I discovered a new feeling of peace and center within myself that allows me to enjoy every day for the beauty there is and to overcome obstacles that in the past would have thrown me into a tailspin. Nicole is calm, confident, energetic, vibrant, and passionate about this program and this comes through to her clients.  In both group and private sessions, she engages her clients, creates a trusting relationship, and makes you feel at ease to share successes and struggles. If you're looking for an inspiring coach to get you started on a healthier lifestyle, I recommend Nicole. "

- Lisa, Minnesota

" Working with a coach helped me to discover things that I wanted to incorporate back into my life.  The accountability and encouragement guided me through little decisions that culminated in major life changes. It has addressed both my mind and my body and linked me back to my adventurous spirit.  I am working out regularly now, self-driven, inspired by my own experiences that Nicole’s process unleashed in me.  Nicole was great at meeting me where I was, understanding the struggle and challenges of change, encouraging me in the processes, and celebrating the final result."

      -  Dave, Virginia

"When I began my 90-day session with Nicole I was not sure if I needed a health and wellness coach. I ended up with a life-changing experience.  We met weekly over the telephone and in that short amount of time, light was shed in places I didn't even know were dark.   I have developed new thought patterns and healthy habits." 

     - Amy, Virginia

"Nicole worked with me on an elimination cleanse right before Christmas. Before you think how crazy is this chick, let me just say that the timing truly helped me to keep any chance of holiday overindulging at bay! I chose to eliminate gluten and cheese from my diet during Nicole's 14-day program. Both of which have been binge-triggers for such a long time. To my surprise, I found the program wasn't all that hard to follow, and I actually enjoyed looking for great-tasting, better for me alternatives so much it wasn't a chore. Nicole encouraged me to get curious about trying new things, getting creative with meal planning, so as not to revert to old behaviors of grabbing what's convenient but doesn't make me feel so great. She also encouraged me to be sure and set time aside every day to take care of me and my needs. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone looking for guidance and health coaching. She was wonderful to talk to and her voice was so soothing, I found myself really looking forward to our coaching calls to reflect on the previous week and plan for the next one."

 - Yamille,  Virginia

Summer 2018, Dungeness Spit